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Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Independence Day

So we have moved to a farm. Which, it would seem, is something that is way past due. It is something we have long talked about, but we knew we needed to wait until after the kids were grown. Well, who knew it would happen within months.
So here we are. Farm Sweet Farm. It is wonderful and full of surprises. The first of which is Internet is an under appreciated 'necessity' in city limits. So although I have many back-tails to tell, I will start with today's adventure. First:
This year it's just the dogs and myself, trying to stay cool. It's about 105 degrees today (heat index), so not much going on except my dogs' independence day.
We have three dogs: Cala, the alpha bear/pig/dog. She's 100 lbs. and 85% fur. She's 10. Phyllis is an American pointer mix, she was a street rescue and we think she is 9 or 10. She LOVES to hunt anything she can. Marilyn, the grandogger and baby is three. Philly was her surrogate and she does whatever Philly does.
Today I put up a kiddie pool for the dogs, to help beat the heat. I am heading back out to check the water and the dogs see something and go. I mean top speed, almost knock my butt to the ground, cartoon style, bolt from the door and they are gone. A hard right at the garage and headed towards the barn and field. Not the moose, she's smart and appreciates the a/c and cold water.
Frick and Frack were off to the races and there I stood in my house coat and slip on shoes. Okay, well, hmmm. What should I do? Should I let them go? Think their smart enough to come back? Do they realize it feels like it's 105 degrees outside?
The answer to all questions is a resounding NO! Why, you ask? Because they are dogs. Hunting dogs with a plethora of new smells and sounds and creatures. They are like like kids in Chuck E. Cheese after three Red Bull.
Really? Seriously? It's blazin' hot, I'm half naked and I am surrounded by corn fields and pastures. I cannot see or hear them at all. The tall grass isn't moving, no crackling of branches, nothing. Hot summer silence.
Now I start to freak out bait. What do I even do? Do I start canvassing the pasture out back? Yup. That's what I must do. So I run in and put on actual clothes, grab the shaker of dog treats and two leashes. Its now been around 20 minutes they've been gone and its so hot I am starting to get worried. I run outside and turn for the barn and here are Frick and Frack sniffing around in the pole barn, panting so hard the looked liked PEZ dispensers. I called their names and they came running over like children at a carnival, with a 'That was the best thing EVER!' look on their smiling, panting faces.
I got them inside and they both took a long turn at the water hole, in between the deep pants. They were so hot I put a cool pack on each of their chest to help them cool off.
They are both passed out solid. Have been for two hours. Independence is exhausting!
I think they approve of the new farm life and their new independence. If they could talk, I'm sure they'd say let freedom ring!