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If we were not intended to eat extraordinary food, we would not have been given such extraordinary senses of taste and smell.

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Pulling things back into perspective.

Is in a matter of a few short months, I decided to go back to school. Then we found out we had to move, because it would seem our landlord went a little crazy. Stressful. Add to that we couldn't find a place to move with our dogs. More stressful. Wedding season is baring down on us with no place to live and a crazy landlord and school. Monumental stress.
Enter the angels of the universe and connect us with our current landlord. We signed a lease on June 11, moved June 15th to this little piece of heaven we now call home. Seven days later wedding season kicked in and the world went crazy for almost 3 months.
During all of this insanity that is wedding season, one thing remained a constant; the calming feeling of knowing we were going home to the farm. We live on 5 acres, which is considered a little farmette, down a dirt road, surrounded by nothing but corn fields, pasture and woodlands. Away from the noise and bustle of town. Away from traffic and busy streets. Just mother nature, clean air, fresh breezes and the chirruping of birds of all kinds. No matter that we had not had a chance to unpack. No matter that every weekend was packed with rehearsal dinners and wedding receptions. We had a quite little place to call home. A space for our dogs to run and sniff all the new and exciting smells. A place to be a peace. To put things back into perspective. So often, in the hustle and bustle of life, we lose perspective. To me, this is why the little LAF farm was brought to us. To give us a new perspective.

When we drive back to the farm, we can see this barn from the main road. With it comes a wonderful sense of calm and peace immediately. There is a returning of nature. A reflection of easier times. Times less hectic and schedule filled. A time when we stopped and enjoyed little things like a cool breeze or the dabbling of sunshine through the tree. A time when you literally stopped to smell the roses. We have found that place. And with this, a lease on life and a new focus. Away from negativity and anger. Away from all things negative. We decided to focus on happiness, peace and love.
When I cook, I cook with love. I care so greatly about my food, because it matters to me. Why was I not putting that same love for my food into my life? I, we, deserve at least that much. 
I cannot control others actions, and negativity will certainly come my way, but I control how I respond to it. And so we have. We have taken perspective of what we want in life and what we have been blessed with.
I am so very grateful for this little farm, this gift to us. A place to heal, rest, nurture our souls so we can nurture yours.
So if you feel like we have disappeared, we haven't. We are here; settling, healing, regrouping and finding our true perspective.  The best is yet to come.