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Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Feed The Body What It Needs

I hear so many people mention how they don't think protein shakes/ smoothies or juices work for them in the morning, because the are starving just a few hours later. 
When you drink a smoothie or juice, you are giving your body nutrients that are readily available to your system. The nutrients are absorbed quickly because the body doesn't need to 'digest' anything.This has triggered your metabolism. Your smoothie/juice has been used up.  

Your body is telling you it needs more 'fuel' to keep you going and keep your blood sugar level. Don't fight your body, feed your body. This is a simple key to healthier living, STOP trying to fight against your body. If we simply listen to our body and make healthy choices when it tells us we are hungry, we can alleviate this sense of starvation or deprivation.

If you have a healthy smoothie or juice in the morning, within a few hours you will most likely feel those hunger pangs. A few small adjustments in your day can keep you feeling happy and full and no blood sugar crashes. 
Things to keep in mind when eating more frequently, keep it small and balanced. Remember to have a good balance of protein, complex carbs (yes, I said eat carbs), and fat. We have been led to astray to believe we must starve our bodies of carbohydrates and fats, when, in fact, these are essential to proper body function. It is key to make smart and healthy choices. 

When you need a mid-morning or mid-afternoon snack, think light but filling:
A lettuce wrap filled with black beans and a slice of cheese topped with salsa
Cottage cheese in half an avocado
A handful of raw soaked almonds and an apple
An apple and slice of cheese
Half a sprouted wheat bagel with yogurt cheese spread and tomato slices

The purpose is to feed your body the fuel it needs to function. This will continue to trigger your metabolism. Small meals keep the body 'fueled' so it doesn't think it is going into starvation mode. When the body thinks it's being starved, it saves fat and uses muscle protein first. When you keep the body fueled throughout the day, it keeps the metabolism high and the body turns to those fat cells for more energy. 

A great tip is to always have healthy options in your car, purse or bag, at the office or at home:
Plenty of fresh water, preferably flouride/chorline free
Raw almonds - great protein and fiber source
A high quality or homemade protien bar
An Apple 
Natural nut butter with apples or celery

When it comes to lunch and dinner, keep these same tools in mind. Your protein source should be no larger than your fist, around 3-4 ounces typically, complex carbohydrates about the size of your palm and greens/veggies the size of both hands cupped together. Remember to eat small amounts of healthy fats. Avocado, good quaility olive oil or unrefined coconut oil, hemp or flaxseed oil and high quality butter are good sources and our body needs them. The brain is predominantly made of fat.

If you keep these simple tips in mind and plan accordingly, those mid-morning munchies can be tamed with ease, without guilt or the blood-sugar crash.

Be Well-


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